10 facts to convince you to enter the Dutch market

The Netherlands presents many benefits for foreign investments, from top quality infrastructure to several tax schemes.

Here are the 10 facts to help you decide if Netherlands is the right place for your business:

1) Bureaucracy is not a problem
Setting up a company in the Netherlands is a simple and fast process that can be done entirely online. There are also few requirements for a limited liability company, you can start the company with just one shareholder and one director, and there is no minimum paid up capital. It is not surprising that Holland ranks on the top 30 countries in regards to starting a company, according to the World Bank.

2) Corruption is in check
Netherlands also performs highly in regards to transparency. According to the Institute Transparency International, the Dutch country has maintained a good score in regards to perceptions of corruption for the past decade, together with other European countries like Denmark, Finland and Sweden. Furthermore, the judicial system is regarded as very independent in its enforcement of the laws and legislations, which is essential to give you more security in your investments.

3) Your company’s intellectual property will be secured
Property rights has become an increasingly important issue for multinational corporations, especially since innovation and creativity are crucial elements for a company’s success. Netherlands ranks among the top 5 countries in regards to International Property Rights, and is the second among European countries. You can rest assured that your patents, copyrights will be well protected.

4) There are many incentives for innovation
If your company deals with innovation and R&D, the Dutch government also offers a variety of incentives to keep you going. A tax rate of only 5% applies for profits that derive from intangible assets related to R&D, and also offers subsidies of 18% to 64% for employment costs related to innovation.

5) Access to the biggest port in Europe
The port of Rotterdam started its activities already in the 14th century due to its optimal location, and since then it has maintained its importance in the world trade. Around 328 million tons of various type of commodities passed through the Rotterdam port just in 2015. Considering that the Netherlands has one of the most extensive network of roads and railroads, all highly maintained, the access to the port from any part of the country is very easy and cost efficient.

6) Enjoyment of several tax benefits
Companies in the Netherlands are subject to a tax rate of 25%, 20% on the first €200,000, which is relatively low, especially when compared with other European countries. It offers tax schemes for companies involved with environmentally friendly investments and sustainable energy; and it does not apply withholding tax on interests and payments of royalty. Holland is very transparent with the requirements and the benefits of its tax regime, with a guideline of its fiscal policy available at its website.

7) Access to various tax treaties
Holland has one of the most extensive tax network worldwide. In relation to double taxation on income and capital, it has already concluded negotiations with almost 100 countries. The Netherlands has also the advantage of being part of the EU Zone and enjoys all of its tax treaties and benefits.

8) Beneficial holding regime
If you are looking to establish a holding company in the Netherlands, you can take advantage of its holding regime, which grants 100% exemption of dividends and capital gains.

9) Availability of skilled employees
Netherlands has a high literacy rate, above the OECD’s average. Education is strong from elementary to university levels, with its 8 top universities ranked at the top 100 best universities in the world. Furthermore, English is known by 90% of the population, and many are also fluent in other languages like German and French. You will be able to find highly skilled employees with a variety of technical knowledge to ensure your company’s growth.


Amsterdam canal

10) Excellent quality of life
Not only Holland counts with high quality education as it was already pointed out, but the overall quality of life is extremely high. Most Dutch cities are known for their environment, safety, cultural activities, etc. Amsterdam for example is constantly featured as one of the cities with highest quality of life worldwide. Overall, Dutch people have a positive review about life in the country.

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