5 Facts That Show That Taylor Swift Is A Genius Of Modern Business

Courtesy of Billboard.com
Courtesy of Billboard.com

This year’s surprising role model for businesses may very well be Taylor Swift. Many sees her as a teen pop idol but this pop idol has grown up and has shown some business and marketing savvy.

Firstly, she has proven to be a savvy digital marketer with social media mastery to help her garner more support and spread her brand (and she has rebranded herself several times in the past) via word of mouth amongst her multitude of fans.

In fact her activities on social media should teach big companies something about social media. Engagement is king. That sounds like a cliche but the proof is ultimately in the pudding. Just look at the tremendous amount of engagement from her replying directly to fans on social media. The results are explosive and shows that your fans on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram prefer some human TLCs to your promotional messages.

Before you point out that celebrities have PR assistants to help them with social media posts, note that Taylor Swift does her own posts. Yes, she may have advisors and consultants but ultimately the posts come from her.

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