5 Things Nigeria is Doing Better than America

doing business in nigeria

doing business in nigeriaWith the olympics in full swing and China looking to pip America at the top of the medal count for a second straight olympics, Americans are left wondering “Where did we go wrong?”. Athletics isn’t the only category the US is failing in. These are 5 areas that Nigeria is clearly outdoing the US in.

1. Nigeria’s economy is growing five times faster than the US

Most people don’t associate “West Africa” and “booming economy”, but despite the global downturn, the region is home to some growth rates that would make Ronald Reagan blush.  Right near the top of that list is Nigeria, that with an average growth rate of 8.1%, are experiencing more growth than the US (a pitiful 1.5%), the UK, Canada, Australia, Japan and the entire European Union… combined.

 2. Nigeria has stricter anti-piracy laws than the US

You read that right. Despite the RIAA, the MPAA, bills like SOPA and PIPA and 40,000 theaters all reminding you before a film of your moral integrity in regards to stealing cars, Nigeria are clearly ahead of America in fighting piracy. Their recent no tolerance laws have reaped some serious results: 26 anti-piracy raids, 6 million pirated works (worth US$5 million) seized and 145 arrests. Also, whereas arrests made in the US usually lead to a fine and a slap on the wrist for the offender, Nigerians convicted are facing prison, some for as long as 2 years for their offences.

 3. Nigeria drinks more than the US.

 Some may not consider this a way Nigeria is doing better than America, but for those college students who think nobody downs Natty Light like they do, Nigeria has something to say. Nigerians easily outdo Americans in alcoholic units per capita, but drinking Guinness is where they really shine. Consuming only a few hectoliters less than Ireland, Nigerians manage to drink significantly more of the black stuff than the US, despite Americans beer-guzzling ways and a population three times as large as Nigeria.

 4. Nigerians care more about freedom of the press

Despite a historically free media, recent times have seen restrictive regimes doing their best Kim Jung Il impression with the media. But where other medias in Africa and Asia have been happy to roll over for their oppressive leaders, Nigerians would rather die than give up their rights, as several have. This past year, the Nigerian media won the Free Press Africa Award, partly in honor of the many journalists who died attempting to bring the truth to the masses. I’m not sure anyone at Fox News is planning on dying for their freedom anytime soon.

5. Nigeria, not America, is the world’s police.

 Take a guess as to which country commits more troops to global peacekeeping operations than any other. If you’ve read the rest of this article so far, picked up on the theme and guessed Nigeria, you’d be correct. Nigeria ships off soldiers to 80 different countries in Africa, Europe and Asia. While Bangladesh is set to pass Nigeria’s contributions in the near future, they will still be contributing more soldiers than the EU and more than five times as many soldiers as the US. Team Nigeria World Police?

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2 thoughts on “5 Things Nigeria is Doing Better than America

  1. During the 1980’s, the U.S. experienced growth rates between 4-8%, peaking in 1984 at 7.4%. The U.S. average growth rate at full employment is predicted to be closer to 4%.

    Unless you believe that the U.S. was still a “developing nation” during the Reagan years, then your point is moot and you need to more closely analyse the economic capabilities of the U.S.

  2. i believe in NIGERIA one day we will be like USA
    NIGERIA is one of the best country to live in the world
    i believe NIGERIA will be a place where everybody will love to come
    with time everything will be okay i believe in NIGERIA

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