Two Asian Tigers – Singapore & Hong Kong

Doing business in Singapore

Singapore and Hong Kong, 2 members of the Four Asian Tigers, are among of the most popular jurisdictions that companies seek to incorporate their businesses in. There are multiple reasons why Singapore companies and Hong Kong companies are attractive to foreign entrepreneurs and established businesses; one could be due to the imparting of the country’s image to its companies. Singapore boasts a solid working culture, a low crime rate and a highly urbanized environment, which undoubtedly gives customers and clients a good first impression of the company.

Going to the technical benefits, Singapore imposes a flat 17% corporate tax rate, which is among the lowest in Asia where the average is slightly above 23%; its low crime rate dropped 7% to its lowest in 20 years in 2012. Singapore’s reputation as a successful business hub allows companies in Singapore to be just as respected and recognized.

Hong Kong holds steady as one of the world’s leading international financial centres, ranking number 1 on the Index of Economic Freedom since 1995. Similarly, its reputation as a highly developed economy bodes well for investors and companies in Hong Kong. Company incorporation in Singapore and Hong Kong are just the first steps to establishing a successful and competitive company.

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