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Business Success Tips

Getting excluded person status for your Cayman Islands company

The Cayman Islands is a popular jurisdiction for setting up global funds and financial firms, with investment managers all over the world taking advantage of the jurisdiction’s robust financial infrastructure and tax neutral status. In many cases, financial businesses run in, or through, the Caymans require regulation and licensing...
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Company Registration

Kosovo, the EU, international recognition and foreign investment

Many countries are recognizing Kosovo as an independent state. Deals with EU nations improve the country’s FDI. Kosovo declared its independence from Serbia in 2008, and has maintained its own government since then. Although the Serbian government does not recognise Kosovan statehood, it has begun normalising ties with the...
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Business and Investing Strategy

Investment in Romania increases as new government installed

The policies of the new Romanian Government is inviting for businesses. Romania instituted a technocrat-led government last week, with a one-year mandate to increase efficiency, reduce corruption and improve Romania’s regional standing. The group’s appointment was made in the wake of widespread protests following a deadly fire in a...
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Markets and Finance

Panama improves compliance, but remains on FATF grey list

Panama is working on conforming FATF standards to become an internationally recognized place for business Unlike many of the other prominent offshore jurisdictions, Panama has been slow to adopt regulations to improve financial transparency and protection against money laundering. However, under pressure from the Financial Action Task Force (FATF),...
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