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Company Registration

Insight of Australian business registration: procedure, documents, tax and legal requirements

Australia is a country surrounded by the Indian and Pacific oceans. The country is famous for its friendliness, beautiful sceneries, and abundant natural resources. According to World Bank’s Doing Business Report 2017, Australia ranks as the 7th easiest place to start a business in. Incorporating an Australia company is...
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Business and Investing Strategy

4 common misconceptions about offshore business

If you have stumbled across our blog, chances are that you have already heard about “offshore business” many times before. Lately, the term frequently appears on newspapers, television, the Internet, during business lunches, meetings and conferences; and more often than not, with a negative image associated with it. Especially...
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Business Success Tips

Pocket guide on starting a business in Europe – Know the best location, type of company, registration procedure and formation tips

Why should you start your business in Europe? Europe is one of the most central business hubs in the world. In 2014, the European Union contributed to 23.8% of the world’s GDP and is a major trading power. From an economic standpoint, it makes a lot of sense to...
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Global Economics

What Donald Trump means for the future of New Zealand?

2016 witnessed one of the most unexpected elections in the United States history. Donald Trump, former television star and real estate businessman, was elected as President despite his lack of political involvement, questionable behaviors and controversial political stances. The result of the election in early November 2016 immediately caused...
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