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Equatorial Guinea’s Contrasts

Equatorial Guinea offers an attractive business opportunity for oil and gas investors. However, other businesses might face some major difficulties. The country is still on the first developing stage and the poverty level as well as the corruption level is too significantly high. Equatorial Guinea is a republican country...
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Business and Investing Strategy

Investment opportunities in Ghana and fundamentals of company incorporation

Accra, one of Ghana’s largest cities. Republic of Ghana (Ghana), is a sovereign unitary presidential constitutional democratic country located along the Gulf of Guinea and Atlantic Ocean, in the sub-region of West Africa. Ghana covers 238,535 square kilometers and approximately has 27 million people. Its diverse geography and ecology...
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Markets and Finance

Colombia is one of the best emerging economies of Latin America

Bogotá, Capital of Colombia flaunts the country's growth. Nowadays, countries in South America and Africa are sweeping prejudices of the world. These countries for many years were considered less developed and poor compared to North American and European nations. These emerging economies of Africa and Latin America are now...
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Company Registration

Doing Business in Thailand

The wide range of benefits that Thailand offers to foreign investors apart from its beautiful travel destinations makes it a very desirable jurisdiction. Here are the top 5 reasons to expand your business to Thailand: Thailand is a cost-competitive location (6.6), in comparison to other Asian destinations, that offers...
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