Business Etiquette in Egypt


Similar to other middle east countries, you will need an Egyptian intermediary in order to contact your business there. These business agents will provide business advice, guidance on culture and etiquette as well as connecting you with relevant authorities and business contacts.

Egypt is an Islamic country and so it is important to  observe Islamic values and practices when conducting business. A typical work week starts on Saturday and ends on Wednesday. As is good practice please be sure to schedule all business meetings at least 2 days in advance and give a courtesy call upon arrival. It is also a cultural norm for Egyptian contact particular senior officials to turn up later than the appointed time.

Besides Arabic, Egyptians are also fluent in English and French. It is customary to have all written documents in both Arabic and English with Gregorian and Arabic calendar format.

Other important customs to note are:

  1. Ramadan: If you are visiting during this period please be careful about not eating or drinking in the presence of your Egyptian counterparts as they may be fasting.
  2. Salutation: As it is common in other cultures, please address Egyptians by their professional title followed by their family name.
  3. Dress code: Please be aware of your dressing and be careful to dress modestly, ensuring that you cover most of your body.

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