Business etiquette in Kuwait


Language should be the least of your concerns when doing business in Kuwait. Although Arabic is the official language, many do speak English fluently. Visitor should be aware that his first couple of meetings with a Kuwaiti company could be conducted with an expatriate or a non Kuwaiti Arab. In most Kuwaiti companies, the visiting businessman will have to “work his way up” and through the levels of assistant managers before meeting the decision makers.

Do note that Arab businessmen seldom give abrupt rejections so even if your products and services are not suitable, you may only find out after a few meetings. Foreigners unfamiliar with local tradition may therefore be under the impression that they have a chance at clinching the deal when, in reality they are on the receiving end of a polite brush-off.

If you plan to do business in Kuwait in the near future, you should start to familiarize yourself with some of their cultural nuances. Read the rest of the article here.

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