Doing business in Tajikistan

Nurek Reservoir, Tajikistan.

Nurel Reservoir in Tajikistan

The Republic of Tajikistan is located in Central Asia and shares a border with Kyrgyzstan on the north, China on the east, Uzbekistan on the west and Afghanistan on the South. It is a landlocked country and its capital city is Dushanbe.


The country’s economy is quite unstable and fragile due to widespread corruption, uneven economic reforms and economic mismanagement. The economy is heavily dependent on revenue from cotton and aluminum exports and remittances from migrants working across the borders. Nevertheless, since gaining independence, the Republic of Tajikistan has made huge strides in the effort to boost the economy. Its Government is implementing programmes in an effort to create proper conditions for participation and inclusion of all investors and effective use of investment opportunities. Tajikistan possesses unique natural and economic resources that are necessary for international cooperation.

Why should foreign investors do business in Tajikistan?

Tajikistan provides investors with the following reasons for doing business.

  • Tajikistan is strategically located and provides access to markets of Central and Southern Asia. It is situated along the traditional silk road which is a transit route for trade across Asia as well as the Commonwealth of Independent States;
  • As a result of the economic reforms to improve the business environment that were implemented in the country within 200 days, Tajikistan has simplified business registration procedures by establishing a one-stop-shop registration principle. This has greatly reduced the number of procedures and the list of activities where permits and licenses are required in order to complete the company registration process;
  • Tajikistan offers foreign investors incentives such as tax holidays of upto 5 years depending on the amount of capital invested. A number of goods are also exempted from customs duties for projects approved by the Government of Tajikistan;
  • Investors can freely repatriate revenue and income without prior consent from the central bank or Government interference;
  • Tajikistan has vast amounts of natural resources including gold, silver and aluminum for those foreign investors who are interested in exploring the mining sector and manufacture of construction material. The hydro-resources in Tajikistan account for 60% of the total hydropower in Central Asia;

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