January 25, 2022

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Healy Consultants Group PLC Expands International Company Incorporation Services

global corporate servicesCompany incorporation specialists Healy Consultants Group PLC Pte Ltd have been growing a valuable skill set within their consultancy team over the past 12 months. Experience has shown that with an international client base, being able to communicate effectively in multiple languages is a distinct advantage. One of the goals for Managing Director of the firm Aidan Healy is to make clients feel as comfortable as possible when engaging the services of the firm. As Mr. Healy states “clear communication with clients is key to being able to create good working relationships and develop efficient solutions for clients. We have found clients, or potential clients, can be more comfortable communicating in their native language when discussing their business objectives so being able to do this helps both sides greatly.”

The firm’s consultants can fluently communicate in English, Chinese, Spanish, German, Portuguese, French, Bahasa Indonesian, Malay, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu. As international company formation agents Healy Consultants Group PLC has been helping entrepreneurs from all around the world set up their businesses for approximately 10 years.

As Mr. Healy explains, “While the firm is based in Singapore, the majority of our clients are not. The nature of this business, and our firm, means our services appeal to international entrepreneurs and business owners who are interested in starting up, or expanding their business, in offshore markets.” Mr. Healy continues, “a lot of people read about, or hear about, the advantages of an offshore company, legitimate tax savings in various countries, or the strong Asian markets such as Singapore and Hong Kong etc. But when they are in the US or Europe or Russia or the Middle East it is more effective for them to engage an experienced corporate services firm that has the knowledge, experience and contacts around the world to manage the processes for them.”

Over recent years there has been a shift for offshore company registration from the traditional ‘tax haven’ jurisdictions to more widely respected international business hubs. Says Mr. Healy, “we firmly believe that for long term business objectives, jurisdictions that have excellent infrastructure, are technologically advanced, offer pro-business government incentives and give access to a high quality workforce are preferred options when incorporating a company.” Popular company formation jurisdictions include Singapore, Hong Kong and New Zealand in Asia Pacific, Ireland in Europe and Dubai in the Middle East. The Middle East is actually ideal for a range of business objectives due the excellent infrastructure and many industry specific freezones.

“It’s no coincidence that these locations are attractive to entrepreneurs. This is something that smart investors have known for years – Singapore, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Ireland and Dubai offer the best tax-efficient structures in the world and are the best places to conduct international business,” Mr. Healy said.

Despite highlighting the five jurisdictions above, there are still situations where incorporating in the smaller low tax, or tax exempt, jurisdictions such as BVI and Marshall Islands is suitable. The important thing when undertaking offshore company formation is to know and follow the laws of the jurisdiction of incorporation and the laws of the business owners home jurisdiction. This is one key advantage of using an experienced company incorporation agent.

But like any business, there is competition between governments to attract foreign investment. “From our experience, there will no doubt be changes in the future in regards to the ideal jurisdiction to set up a business. Thailand, for example, has had recent press coverage about significant corporate tax rate cuts over the next couple of years and combined with low operational costs could be an efficient location for some companies. The changing political environment in Myanmar may also open up opportunities for savvy businesses,” said Mr. Healy. “Our firm will continue to invest in research and resources to optimize our services for an international client base.”

Company incorporation requires knowledge and experience to effectively build a corporate structure that helps achieve business objectives. Key to this is recognising the current trends in business and having foresight to look for future opportunities.

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