How AI Disrupts the Education Industry 

Storytelling is an integral part of any quality education system. Storytelling computer powered by artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the ways stories are crafted and told, and consequentially have a great impact on the education industry.  

Patrick Henry Winston, a former director of MIT’s AI lab, and professor of computer science, believed that the key to human intelligence was storytelling. “My belief is the distinguishing characteristic of humanity is this keystone ability to have descriptions with which we construct stories. I think that our ability to tell stories distinguishes humans from chimpanzees and Neanderthals.” Winston believed storytelling was so essential to human intelligence that it would be key to developing sentient machines in the future.  

Winston’s point has been proved as AI’s ability continues to evolve. The evolution of AI has brought new transformative power to narratives that influence and shapes the future of different industries. 

The power of AI in education  

Every technology that disrupted the social narrative was viewed as a game-changer in education from the radio to the television and even artificial intelligence 70+ years ago. Still, the modern classroom approach has barely evolved from its roots in the 1800s. The pedagogic approach of the classroom has adopted some modern technologies without really changing the educational process until the rise of storytelling computers. The power of storytelling computers in education can be seen from several aspects: 

  • Storytelling computers can organize educational content into narratives that are structured, coherent, and relatable. By incorporating multimedia elements, such as visual graphics, audio, and interactive simulations, storytelling computers can simulate historical events, bring scientific theories to life, and even integrate different subject areas and create interdisciplinary narratives.  
  • Storytelling computers are also capable of offering personalized learning experiences tailored to individual student needs. Through AI, these computers can adapt the content, pace, and delivery of educational material to suit each student’s learning style and abilities. This personalization ensures that students receive targeted support and challenges, promoting a more effective and efficient learning experience. Additionally, storytelling computers can provide real-time feedback and adaptive assessments, helping students track their progress and identify areas for improvement. 
  • Collaboration is another key aspect that storytelling computers facilitate in education. Students can work together on storytelling projects, leveraging the power of technology to collaborate remotely and exchange ideas. This promotes teamwork, communication, and cooperation among students, preparing them for the collaborative nature of the modern workforce. 

New education businesses arising from AI

The integration of digital storytelling in education has not only changed the ways of learning but has also given rise to new business opportunities that capitalize on AI capabilities. Here are some notable examples: 

  • Knewton is an educational technology company that specializes in adaptive learning solutions. Knewton’s mission is to personalize education using AI and data analytics. Their platform analyses student data and behavior to deliver customized content and recommendations, helping students learn at their own pace and level. 
  • Mystery Science is an online platform that offers elementary school teachers and students an engaging and accessible science curriculum. With its captivating storytelling approach, hands-on activities, and video lessons, Mystery Science aims to make science education enjoyable and meaningful.  
  • Legends of Learning is an educational gaming platform that integrates storytelling with academic content. Their library of games incorporates narrative elements to engage students in science, math, and other subjects. 

Final thoughts

The integration of AI-powered storytelling computers has transformed the education industry. By leveraging the power of AI, entrepreneurs can develop innovative products and services that cater to the needs of learning across different countries and cultures. This new trend not only opens up new revenue streams for entrepreneurs but also allows businesses to make a broader impact on education. 

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