Why I’d move to France before you could Say ’Bon Voyage’

France is one of the most beautiful and refined countries in the world, if you can afford to live there. With a personal income tax rate of up to 45% and additional social charges of up to 15.5%, it can be very off-putting at a glance.

However here are 5 reasons why I’d move there in the morning:

The Work Week:

Did you know that the legal work week is just 35 hours long and you get overtime for every hour worked after that? While this is not ideal for employers, it does mean that the average person has a better work – life balance and can enjoy all the fantastic benefits of living in France. On top of this, there are a whopping 13 public holidays and, wait for it, 5 weeks of paid leave for every year you are employed. How do they ever get any work done?

The Food:

I swoon when I think of the Chocolat crepes, the croissants and the cheese. I could happily live on just these 3 foods. The food is just simply divine with not a whiff of low fat anything to be found. The more butter and cream the better. How do they stay so slim and chic? – I’ll never know! Which takes me to.

The Clothes:

Many is the hour I have spent sipping my café au lait at a streetside café watching the chic men and women gliding by looking absolutely perfectly and effortlessly put together. It would take me hours; luckily I’d have far less work hours so I could concentrate on looking great. Not so sure how the full fat food would tie in with this though. Would probably have to look overseas to get clothes to fit!

The Countryside:

I can see myself now on my Dutch bicycle cycling along a country road with the smell of fresh herbs and tomatoes wafting in the air. The sun shining with 0% humidity and not a bead of sweat in sight – A far cry from Singapore where I currently live! Need to push on though as the gorgeous beaches are beckoning – Need to top up that tan before I head off for my 5 week paid holiday.

The Healthcare System:

Should you topple off your bicycle and need medical care, then fear not. You can visit the doctor free of charge and the most you are likely to pay even if you are hospitalised is 18 euros. There is an allowance taken from your pay check each month which covers medical insurance ensuring that you are covered in all situations.

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Even more reasons to live in France: https://www.lifehack.org/articles/lifestyle/12-reasons-why-living-france-awesome.html

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