Offshore Companies As Part Of International Supply Chain

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Dubai offshore companiesIncorporating offshore companies is a viable solution for your supply chain needs. Offshore companies are companies incorporated in a jurisdiction outside its place of business.

Offshore company incorporation gives your company the freedom to:

  1. Find the best and/or least expensive supply solutions for your operations chain;
  2. Take advantage of the potential benefits of offshore corporate tax-savings;
  3. Get the world’s best business solutions without leaving home.

For instance, you could incorporate your company in Singapore, source materials and skilled professional labour from South East Asia, manufacture a product in China, and retail all over Europe and the UK – all with minimal tax burden.

Incorporating your company offshore is a viable solution for your supply chain needs. Operating in multiple jurisdictions offers flexibility as it enables offshore companies to make price comparisons across different markets, even if transacting in different currencies. Overseas manufacturing allows companies to cut down on costs and increase their savings, and offshoring skilled services can also cut costs allowing the business to grow.

Select the best service providers within your quality and budget range. Going offshore to find suppliers opens up a greater range of solutions supply. Many companies choose the comparative advantage offshore company formation provides for everything from expertise in production to sourcing jurisdictions with better infrastructure. Conversely, setting up a company offshore opens it up to global clients and creates more revenue streams than can be found onshore alone.

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