Open foreign corporate bank account without travelling

A huge advantage to modern communication channels is the convenience it provides. This is increasingly evident in the business world and did you know that you can even open a foreign corporate bank account in many countries around the world without having to leave your desk.

While you don’t have to travel to the bank destination, opening a commercial bank account in a country you are not resident in can be complicated and increasingly banks are looking for large amounts of due diligence and assurance that your business is legitimate.

This is where Healy Consultants Group’ business banking experts can help simplify the process and navigate you through the mountain of paperwork required.

Here are the top countries by region that Healy Consultants Group can help you with setting up no travel corporate banking:

Click on the image to download this non-travel banking options infographic in high quality

Compare countries to open business bank account without travelling

Europe: London (Very difficult but possible!), Germany
Eastern Europe: Latvia
Africa: Mozambique
Asia: Labuan
Australasia: New Zealand

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