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New Zealand company registration

New Zealand company registrationHealy Consultants Group’ Top Jurisdictions for Company Registration

For the second year in a row, the top three countries in the Ease Of Doing Business Index, created by the World Bank Group, remain Singapore, Hong Kong, and New Zealand (respectively). The World Bank survey ranks 183 global economies on the ease of starting and operating a local firm in the country. Measurements include business regulations, employment regulations, regulatory outcomes, extent of legal protection of property rights, and the effect of these factors on small and medium-size domestic firms.

Company incorporation specialists Healy Consultants Group believe this survey, along with others, support the current preferences among many business owners. All three countries were ranked in the top three for the ‘protecting investors’ aspect of the survey, in this order – New Zealand, Singapore and Hong Kong, respectively. According to Aidan Healy, MD at Healy Consultants Group, entrepreneurs undertaking company registration are increasingly looking for a jurisdiction that supports efficient operations and costs while avoiding any stigma associated with tax.

Nine categories are used to rank each country, including ease and efficacy of contracts, permits, taxes, credit, enforcing contracts, dealing with permits, cross-border trade, registrations and protections for property-owners and investors. Each of the top three countries placed first in specific categories. Singapore topped the rankings for ‘trading across borders’; Hong Kong topped for ease of ‘dealing with construction permits’; and New Zealand ranked highest in the categories of ‘starting a business’ and ‘protecting investors’.

Out of 183 countries, Singapore ranked first overall, ranking in the top 10 countries for 7 out of the 9 categories. As a leading global corporate services consultancy firm specializing in offshore company formation, Healy Consultants Group receives numerous enquiries from entrepreneurs all over the world looking for legitimate solutions that allow them to take advantage of international business opportunities. These three jurisdictions offer a number of advantages.

“Singapore is an attractive destination for any business wishing to undertake company registration,” according to Mr Healy who has been based in Singapore for almost a decade. “Hong Kong is one of the worlds leading financial services markets and it’s proximity to Mainland China is ideal for those with business interest in this region. We have also witnessed increased interest in New Zealand companies, especially for company registration in the financial services industry.”

“It’s no coincidence that these three locations are ranked as the top three. This is something that smart investors have known for years – Singapore, Hong Kong and New Zealand offer the best tax-efficient structures in the world and are the best places to conduct international business,” Mr Healy said.


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