Why use a Company Registration Specialist?

Singapore company registration

Singapore company registration specialistForeigners seeking to gain access to Singapore’s booming business environment often lack the experience, or eligibility, to register their business alone. Based on Singapore government’s company registration policy, proof of identification, along with other due diligence, is needed to complete company incorporation.  For foreign entrepreneurs that don’t have a Singapore identity card, the services of a company registration specialist are required.

Using a company registration specialist provides more benefits than just executing the legal requirements for company registration. A specialist in international company registration will provide strategic input to ensure the correct corporate structure is developed.  Other reasons why a corporate service provider can be beneficial when setting up a business include:

  • Being a dedicated company registration specialist means the firm will have assisted a variety of different business’s with different objectives, hence will be able to provide advice based on real experiences.
  • An experienced firm will have established relationships with the relevant authorities, including banks and government departments.
  • Speed of completing company registration will be quicker as there is less likely to be wasted time.
  • Corporate services firms can provide additional services such as Virtual Offices, tax and accounting services that are required by many jurisdictions for offshore companies
  • Advice on cultural aspects. Cultural differences between parts of the world can often be overlooked when setting up a company, especially if moving from a western market into Asia.

Headquartered in Singapore, Healy Consultants Group Pte Ltd has comprehensive knowledge of company incorporation in Asia and legitimate, tax efficient financial structures. From Singapore company registration to offshore banking and international tax planning, the firm provides a broad range of services for entrepreneurs all over the world.

Information on the full range of company incorporation services available can be found on Healy Consultants Group business website.

Healy Consultants Group provides a wide range of corporate services across the world. Email or WhatsApp us now to find out more about our services.

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