Benefits of Marshall Islands Company Registration

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There are many benefits of Marshall Islands company registration as The Marshall Islands continues to be a popular jurisdiction for entrepreneurs and investors alike. The jurisdiction is considered to be a cooperative tax haven by OECD regulations, due to its international transparency standards exchange and agreeable stance on tax-related information exchange. Marshall Islands stable economic and political systems are incentives for entrepreneurs seeking to incorporate offshore, and to benefit from favourable tax laws and business practices. In fact, as an offshore jurisdiction, the Marshall Islands is the ideal location to set up holding or investment companies.

Top benefits of Marshall Islands company registration

  • Marshall Islands company incorporation takes only 17 days
  • There are only five simple procedures required to register a Marshall Islands company
  • The are no minimum capital requirements
  • Any potential incorporation fees are quite low. Retail business licenses are the least expensive, costing as little U.S. $100 (Depends on type of business)

The biggest corporate incentive for Marshall Islands offshore investments is statutory exemption from any corporate tax, income tax, corporate profit tax, withholding tax, asset tax, stamp duty or exchange controls. Because most foreign companies do not conduct business within the Marhsall Islands itself, their profits are 100% tax exempt. Furthermore, it is not required to submit annual financial statements and a resident director is not required for Marshall Islands company registration.

Things to Keep In Mind:

The World Bank’s annual survey, Doing Business, rates the ease of doing business around the world in 189 economies and The Marshall Islands does not rank well, coming in at 140th place in the 2016 report. Areas of difficulty include registering property, protecting minority investors and resolving insolvency. Another obstacle to keep in mind is that financial institutions are not regulated in the Marshall Islands, so setting up a financial services company there is not an option.

The Marshall Islands has the potential for great financial and economic development, and influence over foreign direct investments, which are welcomed and protected by the government. It is an attractive offshore jurisdiction for company incorporation for entrepreneurs and investors. A skilled, professional consultant  can help you safely and securely incorporate your business in the Marshall Islands. Contact us at for advise on the optimum structure for your company.

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