Doing Business in Beautiful Liechtenstein

Knowing Liechtenstein
Knowing Liechtenstein

Thinking of starting a business in Liechtenstein? Here are some facts you should know before venturing forward. This landlocked nation is located in central Europe. Its neighbors are Austria to the east, Switzerland in the west and it is sandwiched between the Rhine valley and Austrian Alps.

Liechtenstein is a monarchy and is ruled by His Highness Hans Adam 11. This prosperous nation is a member of the European Economic Area and is linked with Switzerland in a Customs Union. This tax haven imposes very low taxation which of course attracts a lot of businesses and expats.

Though locked between hilly nations, Liechtenstein has both mountainous ranges and low lands particularly in the eastern part of the country. Liechtenstein also claim to have fine vineyards, a fact that is not commonly known.

Vaduz is the capital with museums for seemingly everything from stamps to skis. If you are into fairy tales, Liechtenstein boosts some beautiful castles like Vaduz Castle that was built in the 12th century and serves as the residence for the Royal Family. The small population of less than 40,000 people is Italian, Alemannic, Turkish and Germanic. While English is widely spoken, German is the actual official language.

One of the issues of working in Liechtenstein is the lack of proper public transport like an airport and train network. There is only a bus that links Sargans with Vaduz which you can catch every 15 minutes.

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