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offshore incorporation in dubaiEconomists and financial market experts are telling us that we’re entering an era of a massive transfer of wealth. The world around us is changing and every day brings more uncertainty about the future. At this time in history to internationalize your finances may be the best way to protect your assets from the ravages of an economic crisis, or worse, a currency collapse caused by hyperinflation. Are you prepared financially, for economic disaster? Is it time for you to consider a more global strategy? Here are the steps for creating your very own Offshore Asset Protection strategy.

Incorporate a company in a foreign country that has adopted an International Business Company Act into its law. There are dozens of countries that offer a zero tax rate on foreign owned corporations, each jurisdiction has its advantages and disadvantages, some are more expensive than others, many are English speaking and others are not. Certain nations are better suited for specific purposes, such as ‘Limited Liability Corporation’, a ‘Trust’, or a ‘Foundation’. In most cases a regular Offshore Corporation will be all you need to get started with your offshore asset protection structure.

It’s common practice to open a bank account in a different country than the offshore company formation. The choices for an offshore bank account are almost endless, not only are there dozens of International Finance Centres but in each there are dozens of reputable banks. Offshore banks are much safer than domestic banks in G20 Countries because they follow different lending practices, as it relates to fractional reserve lending. The best offshore banks are fully capitalized and 100% liquid. The software for managing your money, the debit cards and the online management systems, is world class in today’s offshore banking products and cost about the same as domestic corporate banking.

The advantage to offshore investments is that you control assets with a corporation that is free from tax. You can become a consultant for your company, or use your corporate authority to obtain an online trading account, for example, and make transactions on behalf of the offshore enterprise, in a broad variety of investments. Almost anything that you as an individual can buy or invest in can be owned by your offshore company. Perhaps the greatest asset protection strategy you could learn, the mainstay of the global elite, is how to invest offshore in gold, using an offshore company.

Internet technology and communication has made it possible for you to set-up your own offshore asset protection strategy, complete with private-banking and the advantages of multiple currency deposits and ease of access online, to manage your business affairs like a hi-tech tycoon. The most important aspect of this plan of action is that you would internationalize your portfolio by investing offshore, to provide global diversity, and a proven strategy for asset protection. You could be on the receiving end in this era of massive wealth transfer, by preparing for tomorrow, today.

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