Singapore Global Investor Programme (GIP)

Singapore’s business-friendly policies, attractive tax regime, modern infrastructure, safety, and clean environment have always appealed to foreign investors who are looking to relocate here. If you are planning to make Singapore your second home and have sufficient funds to invest, you could consider using the GIP Scheme to acquire your permanent residency (PR) status.  

What is the GIP? What criteria qualify you for the GIP? What are benefits of the GIP? Read on for answers to these and other questions about the GIP scheme.  

What is the Global Investor Programme? 

Jointly administered by the Economic Development Board (EDB) and the Ministry of Manpower (MOM), the Global Investor Programme (GIP) is a permanent residence scheme through which foreigners can earn PR by investing a substantial amount of funds in Singapore. The GIP, however, will be applicable only to those investors and entrepreneurs who meet the minimum eligibility criteria for this scheme. 

What are the investment options?  

Investors are eligible to apply GIP through three assessment criteria:  

  1. Invest no less than S$10 million in a new business entity or in the expansion of an existing business operation in Singapore. 
  1. Make minimally S$25 million investment in a GIP-select fund that invests in Singapore-based companies. 
  1. Set up a Singapore-based Single-Family Office with Assets-Under-Management (AUM) of at least S$200 million, where at least S$50 million must be transferred into Singapore and deployed in any of the 4 investment categories listed by the government. 

Who are eligible to apply? 

To qualify for the GIP and secure Singapore PR, the applicant must meet the following qualifying criteria

  1. Established Business Owners:  
    • The applicant must possess at least 3 years of entrepreneurial and business track record
    • They should be running a company with an annual turnover of at least S$200 million
    • If it is a private company , the applicant should have at least 30% shareholding in the company
    • The company must be engaged in one or more industries listed by the government
  1. Next Generation Business Owners:  
    • The applicant should have immediate family members with at least 30% shareholding or being the largest shareholder in the qualifying company
    • The company’s annual turnover must be at least S$500 million
    • The applicant must be part of the management team (e.g., C-suite/Board of Directors)
    • The company must engage in one or more of the industries listed by the government
  1. Founders of Fast Growth Companies:  
    • The applicant must be founders and one of the largest individual shareholders of a company valued at least S$500 million
    • The company must be invested in by reputable Venture Capital/Private Equity firms
    • The company must engage in one or more of the industries listed by the government
  1. Family Office Principals:  
    • The applicant must possess at least 5 years of entrepreneurial, investment, or management track record, as well as net investible assets of at least S$200 million
    • The applicant must set up a Singapore-based Single-Family Office with a minimum AUM) of S$200 million, of which S$50 million must place in select investment instruments

What are benefits of the Global Investor Programme? 

  • Permanent residency in Singapore

The GIP offers the opportunity for qualified investors and their immediate family members to obtain PR status in Singapore. That is to say, the investors and their families have the advantages of working and living in a country that is safe, secure, and with lots of opportunities. 

  • Business opportunities

Through the GIP, investors can explore and invest in business opportunities in Singapore. Singapore serves as a gateway to the vast Asian market, providing access to numerous business opportunities in the region. Moreover, with its robust infrastructure, pro-business policies, and strong financial sector, Singapore offers an ideal environment for business growth and expansion. 

  • Education and healthcare benefits

Singapore is known for its world-class education and healthcare systems. PR in Singapore are eligible to enrol their children in public schools and enjoy healthcare services. 

  • Tax benefits

Singapore offers a competitive tax system that includes incentives for businesses. Investors who meet the eligibility criteria of the GIP can also enjoy tax benefits.

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