4 tips for businesspeople travelling to Canada

Canada US border

The Peace Arch monument, USA and Canada border
Image Credit: “Canada US border“. Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.

1. Check the Canadian visa for business requirements

Many people travel to Canada to conduct business. Unless you are a US citizen, you most definitely need a visa.

To establish if you need a visa and the type of visa you need, you can check out the Government of Canada website.

You are considered a business traveler if you are entering Canada to invest, further business relationships or if you are looking to grow your business.

New legislation has just been approved that legislates that even visa exempt travelers will need an eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization) visa from 15 March 2016 to enter and conduct business in Canada.

It is a simple procedure to apply for the eTA online and costs only 7 Canadian dollars and is valid for up to 5 years. Do apply for this visa well in advance of travelling and with the passport you plan to travel with.

2. Prepare a comprehensive business travel plan

Canada’s border control is pretty strict as you may have seen from the TV series ‘Border Security: Canada’s Front Line’.

You will need exacting proof that you are not going to Canada to find work and that you are currently working and resident in another country. Your business travel arrangements should show that you plan to stay for less than 6 months and that you have enough money to adequately cover you stay.

It is also a good idea to bring along a letter of invitation from any business partners or colleagues that you have in Canada stating the purpose of your business, any meetings etc. Know their contact numbers and make sure they are contactable during your airport visit.

3. Understand the character and police requirements of Canada

Proof of character is deemed extremely important to the Canadians and you need to have a clean criminal record. Under no circumstances should you carry any banned items such as narcotics, animal or food items.

Being under the influence of alcohol or narcotics or being unsure of what your business in Canada is, are sure to raise hackles immediately and cause further investigation into your situation.

4. Buy a good phone and data package

As always with business or any other type of travel, don’t forget that your phone package may not cover roaming costs in Canada. Indeed your phone may not even work in Canada at all unless it is marked as a world phone.

Either buy a phone with a Canadian SIM or buy a SIM card at the airport that you can put in your current phone. This will minimize your phone and internet costs while you are visiting and save you one big headache when you get home. SIM and prepaid cards are usually available at a 7-11 convenience stores.

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