How to legalize company documents for Bahrain in Singapore

legalize company docs

As is the case in most countries, foreign documents must be authenticated when presented for company incorporation in Bahrain. This process, known as legalization, necessitates the involvement of embassies in a chain of authentication.

However, as Bahrain only has embassies in only 25 countries across the globe, the process can be somewhat unclear. In Singapore, which does not have a Bahrain Embassy, the Saudi Arabia Embassy in Singapore is part of the authentication chain.

To legalize company documents in Singapore to be sent to Bahrain, the full process is:

  1. Notarization

    Present the documents to a Singaporean notary, who must issue a notarial certificate rather than simply stamping the document.

    The notary can i) verify signatures on an original document or ii) create certified copies of official documents such as passports and company documents. This process can often be done while you wait.

  2. Singapore Academy of Law

    This government body regulates notaries in Singapore and will stamp the documents to verify the certificate and seal of the notary. The normal service is complete by 2pm the following day, while express service is ready on the same working day if the documents are submitted before 3pm.

  3. Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs stamps the documents to confirm the authenticity of the Academy of Law’s stamp. This is the last step in the process involving Singaporean authorities.

  4. Photocopy the company documents

    The Saudi Arabia Embassy requires photocopies of the submitted documents to be presented with the originals.

  5. Write a cover letter for the Saudi Arabia Embassy

    Using your company’s letterhead, write and print a letter requesting the Embassy to legalize the documents for use in Bahrain.

  6. Saudi Embassy in Singapore (part 1)

    Collect a form from the Saudi Arabia Embassy near Orchard Road, Singapore. The form provides a reference number and states the number of documents to be authenticated.

  7. Saudi payment agent

    The Saudi Embassy in Singapore does not accept payments itself, preferring to use several payment agents located around the island. These agents will charge a service fee in addition to the Embassy’s S$15 authentication fee.

  8. Saudi Embassy in Singapore (part 2)

    Present the authenticated documents, photocopies, cover letter and payment receipt to the Saudi Embassy before 12pm. The documents will be ready for collection at 3pm the next working day.

  9. Saudi Embassy in Bahrain

    Courier the documents to the Saudi Embassy in Bahrain, which will verify the stamps from Saudi Embassy of Singapore.

  10. Bahrain Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    The final step of the authentication process is for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bahrain to review and approve the Saudi Arabian documents.

  11. Translation

    To proceed with business setup in Bahrain, all of the documents must be in Arabic. Once authenticated, proceed to have the documents translated into Arabic by a translator approved by Bahrain’s Ministry of Justice.

  12. Bahrain Ministry of Justice

    The Ministry of Justice in Bahrain verifies the translation of the documents and they are now ready for use in the incorporation process.

Like many interactions with foreign Governments, Bahrain’s legalization process is complex and time-consuming.

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