Slovenia, a little known investment ‘gem’ in Europe

Ljubljana, Capital of Slovenia

Ljubljana, Capital of Slovenia

Slovenia is ideally situated to serve Europe, with a population of just over 2 million people have progressed tremendously since the breakup of Yugoslavia.

In May 2004, Slovenia became the 1st former Yugoslav Republic to join the EU and on 1st January 2007 joined the Eurozone, adopting EURO as its currency.

The nation has experienced a stable political and economic transition since its independence and is ranked 30th out of 190 economies worldwide by the World Bank Group for “Doing Business”.

Why Invest in Slovenia?

Slovenia is an attractive place for potential investors due to:

  1. Its strategic position at the heart of Europe;
  2. Excellent transport and ICT infrastructure;
  3. A corporate culture of transparency and accountability;
  4. Highly educated and skilled workforce; and
  5. A strong business friendly environment.

In addition to the factors listed above, Slovenia is a full member of international organizations such as NATO, OECD and the WTO. This combined with the straightforward process of incorporation and equality of laws between local and foreign firms in the country has fueled foreign direct investment in the country.

The government of Slovenia further provides financial as well as fiscal incentives to investors. Some of the incentives offered include a 20% deduction of the overall tax base for investments made in Research & Development and a depreciation allowance on equipment and buildings.

Lastly, to facilitate foreign investment in Slovenia, the government has established an agency knows as “Invest Slovenia” whose main objective is to guide and assist all investors by providing them all the necessary information regarding business setup, licenses and procedure.

A positive growth trend, strategic location, investment encouraging policies and an investor friendly government make Slovenia a ideal destination to invest in for foreign investors who want to establish a base in Europe.

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